Caution Fatigue

Are you weary of COVID and the interruptions is has caused? The world is full of complaints and opinions. People have taken a stand for masks and against them. We have all heard, “It’s too hot”, “It’s uncomfortable”, and “Masks don’t work anyhow.” Wearing a mask won’t cure COVID-19, but they are our best defense against the spread of the virus.

One of our core values at Palliative Community Resources is holistic care which is physical, emotional, and spiritual care for everyone we serve. We are committed to loving our patients and families providing the best care available.

We were wearing masks diligently in early March and it is understandable to be tired of the extra measures of vigilance, but we are committed to protecting our patients, our families and ourselves. We cannot let our guard down.

Vacation time is upon us. This season it is important to take a break. There are many beautiful things to see and do outdoors in our states. We have lakes, national rivers, natural bridges, and caves to explore.

Before and after our staff take time off this summer, our leaders will be reviewing plans to protect staff and patients upon their return to work. Most roles require staff to be available in person to patients and families. We provide PPE to keep everyone safe.

We care about the safety of our staff, the community, and that of everyone we serve, and we will continue to protect each other by wearing a mask until the threat has passed.

Palliative Care FAQs

Palliative Care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. It is focused on managing symptoms – whatever the diagnosis. Improved quality of life is the goal.

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Clinical Response Center

If you're a caregiver in need of support, call the Clinical Responsiveness Center at (844) 558-4111.

Tribute of Life Foundation module

Comfort and peace on the end of life’s journey

tribute of life foundation

Palliative Community Resources partners with the Tribute of Life Foundation to process gifts that support care received by patients living with a serious illness. With support from individuals, groups, churches, communities and companies, Palliative Care patients and their families are expressing gratefulness for the enhanced support they receive during a difficult time of life.

The Tribute of Life Foundation is proud to support the exceptional care delivered by Palliative Community Resource staff and physicians.

To learn more about the Foundation, or to partner with us financially, just click one of the buttons below.

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